KONTROLSATELITE UNIP LDA respects your right to privacy in the world of the Internet, when using the site to communicate with us. We implement the necessary measures and use our best efforts to preserve the security of any and all personal information that we may provide.

KONTROLSATELITE UNIP LDA is committed to complying with the protection and privacy laws of personal data.

This Privacy Policy defines the data processing practices adopted by KONTROLSATELITE UNIP LDA in relation to the use of the Internet, more properly in electronic communication.

Since you may need to register to access certain features or promotions, this privacy policy explains how this information is used and how you can contact us if you have any questions or concerns.


1. What kind of information do we collect?

If you decide to register on our website, we can ask you for information such as your name, email address, address or telephone number.

Our site may include optional questionnaires, asking for your opinions about our products and services.


2. What do we do with the information we collect?

The collected information can be used in several ways, namely:

- To manage our website and provide the information and services you request, including purchases

- Process your orders and / or purchases

- Improve our site, applications, availability of products and services

- To send you news and information about products and services, as well as promotions and featured campaigns, but only as allowed by law or when requested by you

- To send administrative emails


3. Security

KONTROLSATELITE UNIP LDA takes commercially reasonable security measures to protect your personal data. This includes deploying processes and procedures to minimize unauthorized access to your data, or disclosure. However, we do not guarantee that we may eliminate all risk of misuse of your personal data by intruders. Please keep the password safe for your accounts and do not disclose it to anyone else. You should immediately contact us if you are aware of any unauthorized use of your password or any other breach of security.


4. How to cancel your registration?

To cancel your registration, please contact KONTROLSATELITE UNIP LDA by email: info@kontrolsat.com


- Terms

KONTROLSATELITE UNIP LDA does not market illegal products, the products in our shop only allow the viewing of FTA (free-to-air) channels.


KONTROLSATELITE UNIP LDA warns that any alteration of the firmware of the receivers purchased here, with the intention of viewing paid channels without their signature is illegal within the European Community, as such any change to the firmware implies the loss of warranty of the same.


KONTROLSATELITE UNIP LDA is not responsible for the use that its customers may give to the products purchased in it.


KONTROLSATELITE UNIP LDA is not aware of and advises that its products are used for fraudulent purposes, as such any question asked in this regard will be ignored.

5- Return policy:

Physical Store Acquisitions:

Kontrolsatelite, Unip. Lda intends to adopt a Satisfaction Policy for its customers, following the European Return Policy guidelines.

Due to the abusive adoption of the previous refund policy as of December 15, 2018, Kontrolsatelite will no longer provide cash refunds for in-store purchased equipment, except as otherwise provided by law.

We remind customers that we will maintain the store's internal credit refund policy for future purchase in the cases provided below:

1) The purchased item must be returned within 14 days from the day of receipt of the goods.

2) The item is in immaculate condition as it came out of the store, including plastics, warranty seals, wrapping and other features inherent in the product's particularity.

3) Customer notifies the company by e-mail, telephone or visit the store of its wish to return.

If the points mentioned are not in accordance, Kontrolsatelite may refuse the return of the Customer.

4) Returns of products in Free shipping cost 10 €. This amount will only be charged in case of equipment malfunction or damage.




- Promotions are limited to existing stock.


 - We are not responsible for typographical errors or image errors, as well as changes in the characteristics provided / indicated on the equipment.


- The general conditions of use and all the indications of our homepage can be changed at any time.


- We do not provide software for the Receivers. The lnb's, antennas, diseq, acess poit or installation material always require specialized knowledge, we do not give indications or we provide assembly schemes.


- It is warned that all our products have exclusively legal purposes. We are not responsible for the use that each customer makes of the product and we reject any illegal use of the same or fraudulent act.


- All material returned during the warranty that is not damaged or in trouble will be returned to the customer, and the shipping costs will be paid by the customer.


 - Orders should only be made after reading and understanding all the conditions of use and agreeing with them in full.


 - In case of doubt, please contact us at info@kontrolsat.com.